Indian Railway Ticket booking

Here are some tips for getting easy availability of berth in Indian railways. first you must know the station code of the origin and destination station, for example if you are travelling between Delhi and Mumbai then you must know all the railway station code. there are 5 major railway station in both the city from where the train originate. Delhi is having the following station
New Delhi (ndls)
Delhi (dli)
Hazarat Nizammudin (NZM)
Delhi Sarai Rohillaa (DEE)
Delhi Kishanganj (DKZ)
Mumbai also have 5 major railway station from the train originate. they are as follows
Mumbai Central (BCT)
Mumbai Cst (CSTM)
Lokmanya tilak terminus (LTT)
Bandra terminus (BDTS)
Dadar (DR)
There are some trains which are not entering mumbai but they come very near to mumbai stations like vasai road (BSR), Kalyan jn. (KYN), Panvel (PNVL). Try from this staions also.
first you have to get the train information for that you can try
select the from station and to station from the drop menu box and then click on the route option and then select the date of journey by clicking on date.
then select the train you wish to travel .
then click on the Avl link.
choose your class from drop menu box and also preference of berth.
here you have to know that lower berth have a special quota in the Indian railway if you try general you may not get berth so try giving lower berth you may get .
another tip is try ladies quota for lady passanger as there is a ladies quota in all the indian trains.
another most important tip is to get information of smaller station quota and try quota ticket . Indian railway has quota for near by towns try to get this.
and also try to get return journey quota.
Here is an example;
If you are travelling from surat to Delhi take the ticket from mumbai to Delhi and mention the boarding point at surat, the fare difference will be very low so always try to take ticket from orgin station to destination station or if you traveling from mumbai to mathura also try taking ticket from orgin station to destination station which is Delhi as you will have lot of chance to get the berth for Delhi compare to mathura here also the fare difference will also very low. take the ticket for Delhi and get down at mathura . Remember do not mention reservation up to mathura,as it will go to mathura quota which has a few berth compare to Delhi.
One more tip try to search not so famous train there are lot of trains which does not runs daily this train are not well known to the people so try this trains also but before that you can check whether the train runs on that day or not.
Another tip. you can try to take ticket from in between stations as there are lot of chance to get berth in between station of the train. here your ticket will cost more but you can get berth by splitting your journey ticket in 2.
One more tip is that you can give the option to automatically convert the W/L ticket to Tatkal .
Watch out for some more tips and information in my next blog.


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