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Indian railways example of public information monopoly

Posted by gbissa on October 18, 2008

Today Indian railways blocked showing seat availability and pnr status data from all the private train information sites which were giving the information in user-friendly manner. This is really a monopoly nothing else. In this information age Indian railways blocking all the sites means they are not interested about public . they have auctioned the website for ad at 4.5 crore to a private agency. they want to earn money nothing else. The guys who started this private sites to show the train information to public at the public interest and also a passion to create something new, CRIS (centre for Railway Information system)who manage the official website of Indian railways have never updated there information pages as they are govt. servant and you know what could expect from them.Showing information of public domain is not illegal but it helps public. Has anyone given the complaint about any of this site that they are showing wrong information. they are just showing the same page of Indian railway official website in a interactive and user friendly manner. If Indian railways or CRIS are really interested of public then they can also show the information on a user friendly manner and also get the good public response

For example never store the live data of pnr status and seat availability in their server. They were showing the original page of and that also all the information in a single page. in this age monopoly will not work if someone go to the court CRIS will surely going to lost the case , there are so many examples of showing information of public importance by private entrepreneurs. All the news paper showing the train departure and arrival time,seat availability every week and some newspaper show daily because it helps general public . instead of blocking the private site CRIS should have welcome them as they are helping public when the Indian railway server is down (which is always slow) and the important public information cannot be copyright.

We must as citizens fight to promote such efforts and not succumb to hegemony of government departments. The official website ranking is dropping every month (see and they are fearing of competition. Instead of competition they are warning and blocking the new comers who are having a passion to do something for Indian public.

Indian railways should consider this private site as a better alternative and not competition. After all cooperation is better than competition.

compare this private site with the official sites yourself and see what this new boys has done without thinking of money (Except google AdWords they do not get any revenue from this sites) which is the only motto of Indian railways and CRIS.

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Passenger trains search launched in

Posted by gbissa on October 2, 2008

On this great day of gandhi jayanti erail have launch passenger and unreserved express trains search in .They have given a drop menu box to choose  for passanger and unreserved express train or express and reserved trains in the top of the window . By default it will be express and reserved trains  and if you want to check for the passenger trains then change from drop menu box and choose passenger and unreserved trains.Now you can choose any option of searching the express or passanger trains. wishing you a happy journey.

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Rajavilas on rails. The Golden Chariot luxury train is Karnataka’s answer to Rajasthan’s acclaimed Palace on Wheels

Posted by gbissa on September 26, 2008

The eye-catching royal purple coaches draw attention at the Yeswantpur Railway Station in Bangalore. It is a train built for a different experience, and the colour on the exterior hints at the experience that guests can expect inside.

People on the platform stop near the coaches for a close look. Curiosity gets the better of them, and some inch closer to peep through the large glass windows. A few others try their luck with the staff for a peek inside. It’s the same story at all the stations the train stops at — Mysore, Hassan, Hospet, Gadag and, finally, Goa.

The Golden Chariot luxury train is Karnataka’s answer to Rajasthan’s Palace on Wheels and Maharashtra’s Deccan Odyssey. “But what differentiates us from the other two luxury trains is the variety of destinations the itinerary offers,” says Anand Menon, Director of the Golden Chariot project. On offer is a mix of historical, heritage, wildlife and beach destinations. And unlike the Palace on Wheels, where about 85-90 per cent of the guests are foreigners, 75-80 per cent of guests on the Golden Chariot are Indians and NRIs, he adds.

For further details click on this link:

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One more online booking site for indian trains

Posted by gbissa on September 25, 2008

Cleartrip, in partnership with IRCTC, announced the launch of online train bookings. With over 17 million passengers travelling daily by train, Cleartrip becomes India’s first online travel agency to tap this burgeoning market by enabling customers to book their train tickets online.

Cleartrip launched a search-only service in February 2008 and has steadily improved the offering based on feedback from thousands of users the search results from 3000 scaled up to 15000 in 6 months. As customer feedback poured in, Cleartrip added maps for stations and train routes, dateless searches to enable checking of railway schedules, connecting journeys where no direct train is available between stations. Registered users can even save their train searches, letting them conduct their regular searches again without having to re-enter information.

Cleartrip has created the easiest and fastest method for customers to purchase railway tickets online. Instead of having to check aspects of the booking separately, a single search provides users with train fares, schedules and availability simultaneously. Cleartrip lets users select the stations most convenient to them by offering multiple stations from a city instead of forcing users to specify a station and also allows the comparison of fares from multiple stations. In addition, users can instantly review fares from multiple classes such as AC 2-Tier and AC 3-Tier, letting them upgrade to a higher class of travel if they choose. Detailed information is provided for each train including arrival and departure times, number of stops and the train’s route with all stops.

In addition, a wide variety of payment options are supported, including credit cards, debit cards and net-banking, so virtually anyone can use this medium. All railway bookings made on Cleartrip are permanently stored in each user’s account, Users can also cancel their bookings online at any time.

“Cleartrip has always been very focused on making travel simple and with that mission we have designed the rail booking engine. The amount of data on railways is vast and we wanted a system that kept things simple, while delivering search results in under a second, and we’ve reinvented the wheel to create that system” said Hrush Bhatt, Founder & Director, Product and Strategy.

The government-owned Indian Railways boasts one of the largest and most trafficked railroad networks in the world—over 18,000 trains operate daily, plying across over 60,000 kilometres of railroad tracks and over 6,800 railway stations. “The sheer size and scale of the Indian Railways, made offering…

this article is from-Financial express

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More features added in

Posted by gbissa on September 8, 2008 has added some more features. They have added senior male and senior female fares in their site and also added exact fare option also . They have also added a forum for any query about indian trains. One more new feature is Trains at glance in excel sheet in very attractive way where you can search by table numer and also by train number. The most important feature they have added is passanger train in their search which is useful to passangers. Also added train departure and arrival from a particular station for next 24 hours, which give more comfort to the passanger to get full timetable of trains from a particular station. just choose your station from drop menu box or click on all stations and type your station name or station code and click on 24 hours tab (number 9) . The site is becoming more and more interactive with this features.

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Posted by gbissa on July 14, 2008

Welcome to .  You will have all the information regarding Indian trains and other travel related information in  blogs.I would like to share my knowledge and information with you and hope others will share with me about Indian railways and train information about Indian trains and this will be helpful to other travellers.

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Posted by gbissa on May 13, 2008

Indian railways have given there train timetable in pdf format in web. click on this link .
you have detail of all the trains in this timetable except passenger, local, suburban, dmu, memu,railcar trains.
passenger, local, suburban, dmu,memu trains are covering the 80% of the passenger traffic of the Indian railway and yet we do not have detail of trains in their timetable.
for searching this trains you can try this link
This is official online train information of the Indian railway. in this website you can see all the train details except seat availability, online booking, pnrstatus and fare.
For all above enquiry you have to log in at where you can not see all details in a single page. for all the enquiry about indian railway trains except passenger, local and memu you can try where you can see all the details in a single page.
Indian railways does not have a single website for local trains, but some zonal railways have given timetable of local trains in their websites.
Southern railway has given Chennai suburban trains and MRTS trains timetable in their web site.
South central railway has also given Hyderabad local and MMTS trains timetable in their website.
Except the two above zonal railways out of 16 zonal railways not a single zonal railway have detail of the passenger trains or local trains in their websites. at least they can give detail of the their zone passenger trains.
kolkatta, Delhi, mumbai have the largest network of suburban trains and you cannot find a single detail of this trains in any website of Indian railways or their zone railways.
Delhi metro trains have train timetable but it is not under Indian railways.
May Lalu prasad yadav think about this.

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Indian Railway Ticket booking

Posted by gbissa on May 12, 2008

Here are some tips for getting easy availability of berth in Indian railways. first you must know the station code of the origin and destination station, for example if you are travelling between Delhi and Mumbai then you must know all the railway station code. there are 5 major railway station in both the city from where the train originate. Delhi is having the following station
New Delhi (ndls)
Delhi (dli)
Hazarat Nizammudin (NZM)
Delhi Sarai Rohillaa (DEE)
Delhi Kishanganj (DKZ)
Mumbai also have 5 major railway station from the train originate. they are as follows
Mumbai Central (BCT)
Mumbai Cst (CSTM)
Lokmanya tilak terminus (LTT)
Bandra terminus (BDTS)
Dadar (DR)
There are some trains which are not entering mumbai but they come very near to mumbai stations like vasai road (BSR), Kalyan jn. (KYN), Panvel (PNVL). Try from this staions also.
first you have to get the train information for that you can try
select the from station and to station from the drop menu box and then click on the route option and then select the date of journey by clicking on date.
then select the train you wish to travel .
then click on the Avl link.
choose your class from drop menu box and also preference of berth.
here you have to know that lower berth have a special quota in the Indian railway if you try general you may not get berth so try giving lower berth you may get .
another tip is try ladies quota for lady passanger as there is a ladies quota in all the indian trains.
another most important tip is to get information of smaller station quota and try quota ticket . Indian railway has quota for near by towns try to get this.
and also try to get return journey quota.
Here is an example;
If you are travelling from surat to Delhi take the ticket from mumbai to Delhi and mention the boarding point at surat, the fare difference will be very low so always try to take ticket from orgin station to destination station or if you traveling from mumbai to mathura also try taking ticket from orgin station to destination station which is Delhi as you will have lot of chance to get the berth for Delhi compare to mathura here also the fare difference will also very low. take the ticket for Delhi and get down at mathura . Remember do not mention reservation up to mathura,as it will go to mathura quota which has a few berth compare to Delhi.
One more tip try to search not so famous train there are lot of trains which does not runs daily this train are not well known to the people so try this trains also but before that you can check whether the train runs on that day or not.
Another tip. you can try to take ticket from in between stations as there are lot of chance to get berth in between station of the train. here your ticket will cost more but you can get berth by splitting your journey ticket in 2.
One more tip is that you can give the option to automatically convert the W/L ticket to Tatkal .
Watch out for some more tips and information in my next blog.

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Posted by gbissa on May 11, 2008

we have a good Indian railway information website now with a single interactive web page which shows all the train information in a single page. it is very simple and informative also. the page is so simple that you get all the following information with a click. here is the full detail of this website.
Highlights of the website

  • Trains between the two station
    departure and arrival time of the train
    train name and number
    journey hours
    class of the train
    running of the train
    fare in Indian rupee as well as also in foreign currency.
    pnr status of your ticket
    interactive route map of train with all station name where the train halts with station code. Availability of berth by class like sleeper, cc, 3 a/c,etc.,
    Availability of berth by quota like general, ladies,tatkal and lower berth.
    K.m. distance between the two stations.
    calender of the trains on which day it runs
    online running status of a train
    train full route
    All Indian railway station code in excel with download link
    Indian railway rules and information links like refunds, tatkal, reservation rules, break journey, hill trains luxury trains etc.,
    whether report of the particular station
    link for online booking
    wiki travels link for the particular station
    Hotels link from make my trip for the particular station
    you can save and take a print the search page in ordinary text format.

you can not see all this information in a single page in official website of Indian railway. As Indian railway official website is always down and not as interactive and friendly the people have this alternative and also good looking website to search train information. very shortly they are launching the erail desktop version. which more interactive look.

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